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Details for Cry-Per complex
Gene ontology ID
Nuclear transcriptional repressor complex that is capable of negatively regulating CLOCK-BMAL-dependent transactivation of genes in a delayed negative feedback manner which generates circadian rhythms
An example of this is Cry1 in mouse (P97784) in PMID:24855952 (inferred from physical interaction).
1. GOC: bhm
2. PMID 24855952
3. IntAct: EBI-9693126
4. IntAct: EBI-9693260
5. IntAct: EBI-9694282
6. IntAct: EBI-9695878
7. IntAct: EBI-9695921
8. IntAct: EBI-9695942
9. IntAct: EBI-9696219
10. IntAct: EBI-9696270
11. IntAct: EBI-9696293
12. IntAct: EBI-9696310
13. IntAct: EBI-9696328
14. IntAct: EBI-9696345
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