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Details for RNA polymerase IV complex
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RNA polymerase IV is a multisubunit RNA polymerase complex found in the nucleus of plants and involved in accumulation of siRNAs and in DNA methylation-dependent silencing of endogenous repeated sequences. Pol IV is composed of subunits that are paralogous or identical to the 12 subunits of Pol II. The largest and second-largest subunits of Pol IV are the catalytic subunits and share similarity with the corresponding subunits of other eukaryotic and bacterial multisubunit RNA polymerases. The second largest subunit is also found in RNA polymerase V, while the largest subunit is found only in RNAP IV complex
1. DNA-directed RNA polymerase IV complex
2. DNA-directed RNA polymerase IVa complex
1. GOC: krc
2. GOC: mtg sensu
3. PMID 15692015
4. PMID 15766525
5. PMID 16140984
6. PMID 19110459
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