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Details for respiratory chain complex III
respiratory chain complex III
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A protein complex that transfers electrons from ubiquinol to cytochrome c and translocates two protons across a membrane. The complex contains a core structure of three catalytic subunits: cytochrome b, the Rieske iron sulfur protein (ISP), and cytochrome c1, which are arranged in an integral membrane-bound dimeric complex; additional subunits are present, and vary among different species
1. coenzyme Q-cytochrome c oxidoreductase complex
2. coenzyme Q-cytochrome c reductase complex
3. complex III
4. CoQH2-cytochrome c reductase complex
5. cytochrome bc(1) complex
6. cytochrome bc1 complex
7. electron transport complex III
8. ubiquinol-cytochrome c oxidoreductase complex
9. ubiquinol-cytochrome-c reductase complex
1. PMID 16228398
2. PMID 16352458
3. PMID 17200733
4. Wikipedia: Coenzyme Q - cytochrome c reductase
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