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Details for pre-B cell receptor complex
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An immunoglobulin-like complex that is present in at least the plasma membrane of pre-B cells, and that is composed of two identical immunoglobulin heavy chains and two surrogate light chains, each composed of the lambda-5 and VpreB proteins, and a signaling subunit, a heterodimer of the Ig-alpha and Ig-beta proteins
Despite its name, the pre-BCR is not a receptor complex, as it appears to provide a low level of signal not dependent on a ligand, but rather simply on correct assembly of the complex as a measure for correct Ig heavy chain recombination and folding. A significant proportion of pre-BCR complexes fail to reach the cell surface, and in some cases may provide their signaling function from the trans-Golgi network or lysosome.
1. pre-BCR
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2. ISBN 0781765196
3. PMID 16464608
4. PMID 17306522
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