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Details for mitochondrion-associated adherens complex
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An organelle arrangement comprised of the following elements: a mitochondrion positioned near the presynaptic membrane; an electron-dense mitochondrial plaque adjacent to the outer mitochondrial membrane that faces the presynaptic membrane; filament-like elements appearing to link the mitochondrial plaque to a cell-cell junction region (sometimes termed punctum adherens); tubular or vesicular-appearing membrane (also called vesicular chain) interposed among the filaments. Mitochondrion-associated adherens complexes were initially described in the dorsal horn of the spinal cord. They are found in calyces and other large terminals of the auditory brainstem, and in a variety of mammalian species including humans
1. MAC
2. mitochondrial adhaerens complex
1. NIF Subcellular: sao1933817066
2. PMID 20089910
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