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Details for NADPH-adrenodoxin reductase activity
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Catalysis of the reaction: oxidized adrenodoxin + NADPH + H+ = reduced adrenodoxin + NADP+
Note that this term specifically refers to the reaction proceeding in the direction shown; under physiological conditions adrenodoxin reduction by adrenodoxin reductase is coupled with electron transfer from AdR to P450, which catalyzes an irreversible monooxygenation reaction. This term should therefore be used to annotate gene products that catalyze the reduction of oxidized adrenodoxin; also consider annotating to the molecular function term 'ferredoxin-NADP+ reductase activity ; GO:0004324'.
1. adrenodoxin reductase activity
2. adrenodoxin-type ferredoxin reductase activity
3. NADPH:adrenodoxin oxidoreductase activity
1. EC
2. GOC: kd
3. MetaCyc RXN-13685
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