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Details for negative regulation of RNA biosynthetic process
Gene ontology ID
Any process that stops, prevents or reduces the frequency, rate or extent of RNA biosynthetic process
1. down regulation of RNA anabolism
2. down regulation of RNA biosynthesis
3. down regulation of RNA biosynthetic process
4. down regulation of RNA formation
5. down regulation of RNA synthesis
6. down-regulation of RNA anabolism
7. down-regulation of RNA biosynthesis
8. down-regulation of RNA biosynthetic process
9. down-regulation of RNA formation
10. down-regulation of RNA synthesis
11. downregulation of RNA anabolism
12. downregulation of RNA biosynthesis
13. downregulation of RNA biosynthetic process
14. downregulation of RNA formation
15. downregulation of RNA synthesis
16. inhibition of RNA anabolism
17. inhibition of RNA biosynthesis
18. inhibition of RNA biosynthetic process
19. inhibition of RNA formation
20. inhibition of RNA synthesis
21. negative regulation of RNA anabolism
22. negative regulation of RNA biosynthesis
23. negative regulation of RNA formation
24. negative regulation of RNA synthesis
1. GO: jl
2. GO REF: 0000058
3. GOC: TermGenie
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