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Details for EKC/KEOPS complex
Gene ontology ID
A protein complex involved in t6A tRNA modification; originally proposed to be involved in transcription as well as promoting telomere uncapping and telomere elongation. For example, in Saccharomyces cerevisiae the complex contains Bud32p, Kae1p, Gon7p, Cgi121p, and Pcc1p
1. endopeptidase-like kinase chromatin-associated protein complex
2. KEOPS/EKC complex
3. kinase, putative endopeptidase and other proteins of small size protein complex
1. GOC: elh
2. GOC: vw
3. PMID 16564010
4. PMID 16874308
5. PMID 21183954
6. PMID 23945934
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