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  • Ben-David, M.; Elias, M.; Filippi, J.J.; Dunach, E.; Silman, I.; Sussman, J.L.; Tawfik, D.S.
    Catalytic versatility and backups in enzyme active sites: the case of serum paraoxonase 1 (2012), J. Mol. Biol., 418, 181-196.
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Crystallization (Commentary)

Crystallization (Comment) Organism
protein at pH 6.5 and in complex with 2-hydroxyquinoline. The models suggest that promiscuity is driven by coincidental overlaps between the reactive intermediate for the native lactonase reaction and the ground and/or intermediate states of the promiscuous reactions. This overlap is also enabled by different active-site conformations: the lactonase activity utilizes one active-site conformation whereas the promiscuous phosphotriesterase activity utilizes another synthetic construct


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synthetic construct