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  • Whittaker, M.M.; Kersten P.J.; Nakamura, N.; Sanders-Loehr, J.; Schweizer, E.S.; Whittaker, J.W.
    Glyoxal oxidase from Phanerochaete chrysosporium is a new radical-copper oxidase (1996), J. Biol. Chem., 271, 681-687.
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Activating Compound

Activating Compound Comment Organism Structure
additional information purified native glyoxal oxidase is catalytically inactive, but can be oxidatively activated by lignin peroxidase molybdicyanide (K3Mo(CN)8) or hexachloroiridate (Na2IrCl6), or Mn3+ EDTA Phanerodontia chrysosporium


Cloned (Comment) Organism
expressed in Aspergillus nidulans Phanerodontia chrysosporium


Inhibitors Comment Organism Structure
phosphate millimolar inhibitor Phanerodontia chrysosporium


Metals/Ions Comment Organism Structure
Cu2+ 0.7-0.8 equivalents of Cu2+ per mol enzyme Phanerodontia chrysosporium


Organism UniProt Comment Textmining
Phanerodontia chrysosporium Q01772

Substrates and Products (Substrate)

Substrates Comment Substrates Organism Products Comment (Products) Rev. Reac.
methylglyoxal + H2O + O2
Phanerodontia chrysosporium methylglyoxylate + H2O2


Synonyms Comment Organism
methylglyoxal oxidase
Phanerodontia chrysosporium

Ki Value [mM]

Ki Value [mM] Ki Value maximum [mM] Inhibitor Comment Organism Structure
phosphate at pH 4.5, temperature not specified in the publication Phanerodontia chrysosporium
phosphate at pH 6.0, temperature not specified in the publication Phanerodontia chrysosporium