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Information on EC - cathepsin V

for references in articles please use BRENDA:EC3.4.22.43
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EC Tree
     3 Hydrolases
         3.4 Acting on peptide bonds (peptidases)
             3.4.22 Cysteine endopeptidases
       cathepsin V
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Word Map
The enzyme appears in viruses and cellular organisms
ctsl2, stratum corneum thiol protease, cathepsin v/l2, cathepsin l2/v, more
The recombinant enzyme hydrolyses proteins (serum albumin, collagen) and synthetic substrates (Z-Phe-Arg-NHMec > Z-Leu-Arg-NHMec > Z-Val-Arg-NHMec)
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Cathepsin V is a human lysosomal cysteine endopeptidase of family C1, papain family that is maximally active at pH 5.7 and unstable at neutral pH. Compound E-64, leupeptin and chicken cystatin are inhibitors. Human cathepsin V shows expression restricted to thymus, testis, corneal epithelium and some colon and breast carcinomas. Human gene locus: 9q22.2; endopeptidase
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