Enzymes in BRENDA™ from the Enzyme Class of 1.8.1.-

For a detailed view of EC Numbers click on the EC Number or try the EC Explorer cysteamine dehydrogenase assimilatory sulfite reductase (NADPH) hypotaurine dehydrogenase dihydrolipoyl dehydrogenase 2-oxopropyl-CoM reductase (carboxylating) cystine reductase glutathione-disulfide reductase protein-disulfide reductase thioredoxin-disulfide reductase CoA-glutathione reductase asparagusate reductase trypanothione-disulfide reductase bis-gamma-glutamylcystine reductase CoA-disulfide reductase mycothione reductase glutathione amide reductase dimethylsulfone reductase NAD(P)H sulfur oxidoreductase (CoA-dependent) sulfide dehydrogenase 4,4'-dithiodibutanoate disulfide reductase
1.8.1.B1 thioredoxin glutathione reductase
1.8.1.B4 [protein disulfide oxidoreductase]-disulfide oxidoreductase
1.8.1.B5 protein-disulfide reductase (CoM-dependent)