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Accepted name
menaquinol oxidase (H+-transporting)
2 menaquinol + O2 + n H+[side 1] = 2 menaquinone + 2 H2O + n H+[side 2]
Other name(s)
cytochrome aa3-600 oxidase, cytochrome bd oxidase, menaquinol:O2 oxidoreductase (H+-transporting)
Systematic name
menaquinol:oxygen oxidoreductase (H+-transporting)
Cytochrome aa3-600, one of the principal respiratory oxidases from Bacillus subtilis, is a member of the heme-copper superfamily of oxygen reductases, and is a close homologue of the cytochrome bo3 ubiquinol oxidase from Escherichia coli, but uses menaquinol instead of ubiquinol as a substrate.The enzyme also pumps protons across the membrane bilayer, generating a proton motive force.
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