ABC-type molybdate transporter

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Word Map on EC


molybdate-[molybdate-binding protein][side 1]
molybdate[side 2]
[molybdate-binding protein][side 1]


More, MOP, ModABC, molybdate transport system, ModA, ModB, high-affinity molybdate transporter, ModC, tungstate/molybdate-binding protein, ModBC, MOT1, molybdate transporter, mitochondrial molybdenum transporter, molybdenum tansporter 1, molybdate/tungstate ABC transporter, molybdate transporter ATPase, molybdenum transporter, HI1470/71, MolB2C2, MolA, ModA/WtpA, molybdate- or tungstate-binding protein, ModABC transporter, WtpABC, molybdate importer, PerO, oxyanion permease, MolB2C2-A, type II molybdate importer, MolBC-A, low affinity molybdate transporter, ModBCA, MolBCA, hiMolBCA, afModBCA, molybdate-transporting ATPase


     7 Translocases
         7.3 Catalysing the translocation of inorganic anions and their chelates
             7.3.2 Linked to the hydrolysis of a nucleoside triphosphate
       ABC-type molybdate transporter


Expression on EC - ABC-type molybdate transporter

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activation of modA and modBC genes by TunR in Desulfovibrio vulgaris in vivo
expression of perO is independent of molybdate and sulfate availabilities
genetic regulation of tupA and modA, overview
ModC is negatively regulated by the transcription factors MopA and MopB, overview. MopB negatively modulates expression of the mop promoter, and formation of MopA-MopB heteromers, independent of Mo availability, might represent a fine-tuning mechanism controlling mop gene expression. Oligomerization and Mo-binding properties of MopA and MopB, overview
the periplasmic protein involved in molybdate transport, ModA, is downregulated under high molybdate concentration stress conditions