ABC-type nitrate transporter

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nitrate-[nitrate-binding protein][side 1]
nitrate[side 2]
[nitrate-binding protein][side 1]


More, ABC-type nitrate/nitrite transporter, nitrate transporter, homologue of nitrate polytopic membrane transporter, nitrate/nitrite ABC transporter, periplasmic nitrate/nitrite binding subunit of NRT, Nia2, NrtP, NrtP permease, ATNRT2.7, NAX1, Ynt1, YNT1 gene product, NRT1.1 NO3- transporter, CHL1 NO3- transporter, AtNRT2.1, NRT2.1, NRT2.2, BnNrt2.1, BnNrt1.1, NarK1, NarK2, narK gene product, ATP-binding cassette-type nitrate/nitrite-bispecific transporter, ABC-type nitrate/nitrite-bispecific transporter, ABC-type NRT, CynABD transporter, NRT1, NRT1.5, nitrate transporter CHL1, nitrate transporter chlorate resistant 1, NRT1.1, NRT1.7, NRT1.8, pNRT2.1, NO3- transporter, NRT2, NRT2.4, CHL1, NRT1.2, NRT1.3, NRT1.4, NRT1.6, NRT1.9, NRT2.7, BcNRT1, xylem nitrate loading transporter, NRT2.5, nitrate transporter 2.5, NIP/LATD, NPF6.8, nitrate transporter 1/peptide transporter family 6.8, type I H+/nitrate symporter, NarU, nitrate/nitrite transporter, NPF2.4, NRT1.1b, NIA1, NPF6.3, NPF2.3, nitrate-transporting ATPase, high-affinity NO3- transporter, NPF7.3


     7 Translocases
         7.3 Catalysing the translocation of inorganic anions and their chelates
             7.3.2 Linked to the hydrolysis of a nucleoside triphosphate
       ABC-type nitrate transporter

Systematic Name

Systematic Name on EC - ABC-type nitrate transporter

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IUBMB Comments
ATP phosphohydrolase (ABC-type, nitrate-importing)
An ATP-binding cassette (ABC) type transporter, characterized by the presence of two similar ATP-binding domains/proteins and two integral membrane domains/proteins. The enzyme, found in bacteria, interacts with an extracytoplasmic substrate binding protein and mediates the import of nitrate, nitrite, and cyanate.