H+-transporting two-sector ATPase

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+ 4 H+[side 1] =
+ 4 H+[side 2]


More, ATPase, V-ATPase, ATP synthase, F1-ATPase, F0F1-ATPase, H+-transporting ATPase, mitochondrial ATPase, coupling factors (F0,F1 and CF1), chloroplast ATPase, bacterial Ca2+/Mg2+ ATPase, H+-translocating ATPase, H+-ATPase, F1F0H+-ATPase, F1FO-ATPase, F1F0 ATPase, vacuolar H+-ATPase, complex V, proton-translocating ATPase, 15 kDa mediatophore protein, 32 kDa accessory protein, 59 kDa membrane-associated GTP-binding protein, A6L, ATP synthase proteolipid P1, ATP synthase proteolipid P2, ATP synthase proteolipid P3, BN59, C7-1 protein, CGI-11, Dicyclohexylcarbodiimide-binding protein, Ductin, DVA41, HATPL, HO57, Invasion protein invC, Isoform HO68, Isoform VA68, Lipid-binding protein, M40, My032 protein, Oligomycin sensitivity conferral protein, OSCP, P31, P39, Physophilin, PKIWI505, Protein bellwether, Sul-ATPase alpha, Sul-ATPase beta, SUL-ATPase epsilon, Sul-ATPase gamma, UV-inducible PU4 protein, V-ATPase 28 kDa accessory protein, V-ATPase 40 kDa accessory protein, V-ATPase 41 KDa accessory protein, V-ATPase 9.2 kDa membrane accessory protein, V-ATPase S1 accessory protein, VEG100, VEG31, Vegetative protein 100, Vegetative protein 31, VHA16K, YOPS secretion ATPase, F1, chlorpoplast ATP synthase, F1F0 ATP synthase, matpase, cf1, F0F1 ATP synthase, chloroplast ATP synthase, F0F1ATP synthase, F1FO-ATP synthase, TF1-ATPase, F1F0-ATPase, F0F1-ATP synthase, FoF1-ATP synthase, V-type ATPase/synthase, V-type H+-ATPase, membrane-associated ATPase, Sul-ATPase, vacuolar H(+)-ATPase, VHA, tonoplast H+-ATPase, mitochondrial F(1)-ATPase, V1VO ATPase, Ecto-F1Fo ATP synthase/F1 ATPase, FoF1 ATP synthase, T3SS ATPase, FoF1-ATPase, H+ FoF1-ATP synthase, H+-V-ATPase, vacuolar-type proton pumping ATPase, rotary FOF1-ATPase, mitochondrial F1F0 ATP hydrolase, photosynthetic F1-ATPase, ECF1, F1Fo ATP synthase, F1-ATP synthase, F1 ATPase, F0F1-ATP synthase alpha, proton translocating chloroplast ATP synthase, F1Fo, mitochondrial F0F1-ATP synthase, mitochondrial F1Fo-ATP synthase, AtpZ, FoF1-ATPase/synthase, FoF1, TF1, F1F0-ATP synthase, ATP synthase F1, plasma membrane vacuolar H+-ATPase, plasma membrane V-ATPase, vacuolar proton-translocating ATPase, vacuolar ATPase, FoF1 ATPase, ectopic FoF1 ATP synthase, mitochondrial FOF1 ATP synthase, F1-ATPase beta subunit, Tbeta, mitochondrial H+-ATP synthase, H+-coupled ATP synthase, TFoF1, F1-F0 ATP synthase, Fo·F1-H+-ATPase (synthase), Na+-dependent F1F0-ATP synthase, ApNa+-ATPase, rotary molecular motor, F-type proton-translocating ATPase, vacuolar-type H+-ATPase, A-ATP synthase, A1AO ATP synthase, H(+)-transporting ATP synthase, A-ATPase, H+-transporting ATP synthase, F1FO ATPase, uncB, atpB, type III secretion-associated ATPase, vacuolar-type H+-translocating ATPase, vacuolar H+-translocating ATPase, vacuolar H+-transporting adenosine triphosphatase, FoF1H+-ATPase/synthase, Vma8p, VMA8, V-pump, vacuolar-type, proton-translocating ATPase enzyme complex, Stv1p, VHA-A, vacuolar H+-pumping ATPase, vacuolar (H+)-ATPases, Vph1p, H+-ATP synthase, ATP5alpha1, ATPaseTb2, A1A0-ATP synthase, CF1-ATPase, coupling factor CF1, Spa47


     7 Translocases
         7.1 Catalysing the translocation of hydrons
             7.1.2 Linked to the hydrolysis of a nucleoside triphosphate
       H+-transporting two-sector ATPase