glutamine synthetase

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GS, L-Glutamine synthetase, Glutamylhydroxamic synthetase, Synthetase, glutamine, Glutamine synthetase, Chloroplast GS2, Clone lambda-GS28, Clone lambda-GS31, Clone lambda-GS8, Cytoplasmic GS3, Cytosolic GS1, Gln isozyme alpha, Gln isozyme beta, Gln isozyme gamma, Glutamate--ammonia ligase, GS(1), GS1, GS107, GS112, GS117, GS122, GS2, GSI, GSII, GSIII, Isozyme delta, N47/N48, S2205/S2287, GS-II, GlnA, GLN2, GLN1,3, GLN1,4, OsGLN1,1, OsGLN1,2, glutamine synthetase type III, GLN1,1, GLN1,2, type I glutamine synthetase, GlnA2, GS1a, GS1 kinase, type III glutamine synthetase, GlnN, L-glutamate:ammonia ligase (ADP-forming), glutamine synthetase type II, glutamine synthetase I, GS type I, GluA, GLUL, GlnR, gamma-glutamyl:ammonia ligase, ATP glutamate-ammonia ligase, GlnA1, L-glutamate:ammonia ligase, GS type-1, TAase, protein transacetylase, GlnA3, GlnA4, glnA-1, GS1-1, gamma-glutamyl transferase, SSO0366, GS3, MM_0964, gamma-glutamylhydroxamate synthetase, glutamate-ammonia ligase, AmGLN1, Gln1;1, Gln synthetase, Gln1;2, Gln1;3, Gln1;4, Gln1;5, GS12, GS2a, glutamine synthetase cytosolic isozyme 1, GS1beta1, glutamine synthetase cytosolic isozyme 2, GS1gamma1, GS1-2, MtGS, GLN1-1, GLN1-2, LDBPK_060370, LdGS


     6 Ligases
         6.3 Forming carbon-nitrogen bonds
             6.3.1 Acid—ammonia (or amine) ligases (amide synthases)
       glutamine synthetase