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BRENDA support long-chain-fatty-acid-[acyl-carrier-protein] ligase

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Word Map on EC


a long-chain fatty acid
an [acyl-carrier protein]
a long-chain acyl-[acyl-carrier protein]


AAE15, AAS, AasC, AasS, ACP synthase, AcpS, ACSL, acyl carrier protein synthase, acyl-ACP synthase, Acyl-ACP synthetase, Acyl-acyl carrier protein synthetase, Acyl-CoA ligase, Acyl-CoA synthetase, Acyl-[acyl carrier protein] synthetase, Acyl-[acyl-carrier-protein]synthetase, At4g14070, CT776, CTO_0846, LipA, PfACP, slr1609, Stearoyl-ACP synthetase, Synthetase, acyl-[acyl carrier protein]


     6 Ligases
         6.2 Forming carbon-sulfur bonds
             6.2.1 Acid-thiol ligases
       long-chain-fatty-acid-[acyl-carrier-protein] ligase


Purification on EC - long-chain-fatty-acid-[acyl-carrier-protein] ligase

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a single enzyme protein catalyzes two activities: 2-acylglycerophosphoethanolamine acyltransferase activity and acyl-[acyl-carrier protein] synthetase activity
Ni-NTA column chromatography
partial purification by DEAE-Sepharose chromatography and Sephacryl S-300 gel filtration
recombinant His-tagged enzyme from Escherichia coli
recombinant His6-tagged enzyme from Escherichia coli strain BL21(DE3) Rosetta to over 90% purity, purified AasC catalyzed the ATP-dependent ligation of free fatty acids to ACP
recombinant N-terminally His6-tagged enzyme, full-length or lacking the predicted plastidial targeting signal sequence, from Spodoptera frugiperda Sf9 cells by nickel affinity chromatography, gel filtration, and dialysis. Removing the sequence encoding a predicted plastidial targeting peptide increases the expression level significantly, like DELTAaas, DELTAaas:AAE15 secretes large amounts of fatty acids into the culture medium. Expression of AAE15 in the DELTAaas strain does not affect fatty acid profiles and does not have a significant complementation effect
recombinant proteins using His-tag