long-chain-fatty-acid-protein ligase

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a long-chain fatty acid
a [protein]-S-(long-chain-acyl)-L-cysteine


Acyl-protein synthetase, synthetase, acyl protein, Acyl protein synthetase, long-chain-fatty-acid-luciferin-component ligase


     6 Ligases
         6.2 Forming carbon-sulfur bonds
             6.2.1 Acid-thiol ligases
       long-chain-fatty-acid-protein ligase

Systematic Name

Systematic Name on EC - long-chain-fatty-acid-protein ligase

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IUBMB Comments
long-chain-fatty-acid:protein ligase (AMP-forming)
Together with a hydrolase component (EC and a reductase component (EC, this enzyme forms a multienzyme fatty acid reductase complex that produces the long-chain aldehyde substrate of the bacterial luciferase enzyme (EC The enzyme activates free long-chain fatty acids, generated by the action of the transferase component, forming a fatty acyl-AMP intermediate, followed by the transfer of the acyl group to an internal L-cysteine residue. It then transfers the acyl group to EC, long-chain acyl-protein thioester reductase.