DNA topoisomerase

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ATP-independent breakage of single-stranded DNA, followed by passage and rejoining =


Isomerase, deoxiribonucleate topo-, Topoisomerase, Type I DNA topoisomerase, Swivelase, Untwisting enzyme, Relaxing enzyme, Nicking-closing enzyme, omega-Protein, Deoxiribonucleate topoisomerase, Deoxiribonucleic topoisomerase, Topoisomerase I, TpI, Reverse gyrase, Topo I, Late protein H6, TOP1mt, htopo I, DNA topoisomerase IIIalpha, DNA topoisomerase III, topoisomerase V, topo V, type IB topoisomerase V, topoisomerase IIIalpha, hTopo IIIalpha, topoisomerase III, topo IB, topoisomerase IB, DNA topoisomerase IB, vTopo, DNA topoisomerase I, bcTopo I, TopA, type IB topoisomerase, Top1p, YTOP, LdTOP1L, LdTOP1S, hTopoI, variola topoisomerase IB, Poxviridae topoisomerase IB, Top1, topoisomerase IIIbeta, bcTopo IIIbeta, DNA topoisomerase, bi-subunit topoisomerase I, LdTOP1LS, topoisomerase IV, topoIV, TopIB, MimiTopIB, LdTop1, Vaccinia DNA topoisomerase I, yeastTop1, yeast DNA topoisomerase I, Bi-subunit topoisomerase IB, DNA topoisomerase 1, PfTopI, TopI, hTopo, top I, topoI, mTopoI, DNA topoisomerase I-B, EcTOP, YpTOP, human Top1, human topoisomerase I, hTop1p, human DNA topoisomerase I, ETOP, Ca-Top1, OpTop1, OlTop1, OjTop1, CrTop1, AtTop1, HsTop1, topoisomerase 1, human topo I, topo 1, DNA topoisomerase type I, type IA topoisomerase, MtbTopA, MsTopA, DNA topo I, type IA DNA topoisomerase, MtTOP1, LdTopIIIbeta, type I topoisomerase, Dam DNA topoisomerase III, ATP-independent type I topoisomerase, PfTopoI, HssTopoI, hTopI, MttopoI, topoisomerase I homolog, YrdD, DNA Top IB, SiRe_1176, TopR1, SsTop3, topoisomerase 1alpha, TOP1alpha, DNA topoisomerase I alpha, topoisomerase-I


     5 Isomerases
         5.6 Isomerases altering macromolecular conformation
             5.6.2 Enzymes altering nucleic acid conformation
       DNA topoisomerase