chalcone isomerase

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a chalcone
a flavanone


Isomerase, chalcone, Chalcone-flavanone isomerase, CHI, Chalcone isomerase, TRANSPARENT TESTA 5 protein, CHI1A, CHI1B2, CHI2, Chi1, Chi3, Chi-1, MpCHI, SlCHI1, type IV CHI protein, chalcone isomerase-like protein, EFP, CHI3A1, CHI3A2, CHI3B1, CHI3C1, CHI3C2, CHI4A, CHI4B, CHIL1, CHIL2, CHI4, CHI1B1, CHI2B1, CHI2B2, CHI3A, CHI3B, taxifolin-isomerizing enzyme, CHIL, TT5


     5 Isomerases
         5.5 Intramolecular lyases
             5.5.1 Intramolecular lyases (only sub-subclass identified to date)
       chalcone isomerase