protein disulfide-isomerase

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catalyses the rearrangement of -S-S- bonds in proteins =


More, S-S rearrangase, PDI, Reduced ribonuclease reactivating enzyme, Disulfide interchange enzyme, Rearrangease, P58, DsbA, PDIp, Thyroid hormone-binding protein, DsbC, DsbD, Protein disulphide isomerase, 5'-MD, 58 kDa glucose regulated protein, 58 kDa microsomal protein, CaBP1, CaBP2, Cellular thyroid hormone binding protein, Disulfide isomerase ER-60, endoplasmic reticulum protein EUG1, ER58, ERp-72 homolog, ERp57, ERP59, ERP60, ERp72, HIP-70, Iodothyronine 5'-monodeiodinase, P55, Protein disulfide isomerase P5, Protein disulfide isomerase-related protein, Protein ERp-72, R-cognin, Retina cognin, Thyroxine deiodinase, PDI I, PDI II, DsbG, ERcalcistorin/protein-disulfide isomerase, ERp18, ECaSt/PDI, yPDI, gPDI-2, gPDI-3, protein disulfide isomerase 3, gPDI-1, fibronectin, P5, protein disulfide isomerase, disulfide-bond isomerase, protein disulfide oxidoreductase, disulfide isomerase, disulfide bond isomerase, PDILT, protein disulfide isomerase-like protein of the testis, PDI-related protein, RB60, protein disulfide isomerase-related chaperone Wind, DbsG, PDI1, Eug1p, Mpd1p, Mpd2p, Eps1p, DsbB, multifunctional protein disulfide isomerase, PDIA2, PDIA4, BPA-binding protein, thiol-protein oxidoreductase, protein disulfide isomerase-1, HlPDI-1, protein disulfide isomerase-2, HlPDI-2, protein disulfide isomerase-3, HlPDI-3, ERp27, disulfide bond-forming enzyme, protein-disulfide isomerase, pdi-15, pdi-40, pdi-47, pdi-52, cotyledon-specific chloroplast biogenesis factor CYO1, CYO1, Dsb, ERp28, PDIA1, Ero1, PDIL-1, PDIL-2, protein disulfide isomerase-P5, PDIA3, PDI-P5, ER protein 57, ERP-57, protein disulfide isomerase A3, protein disulfide isomerase A1, protein disulfide isomerase associated 3, pancreas-specific protein disulfide isomerase, anterior gradient homolog 2, AGR2, protein disulfide-isomerase A4, PDIr, ERp44, PDI2, PDIL2-3, PDIL1-1, PDI A4, ERdj5, SSO0192, SsPDO, protein disulfide isomerase 2, Erp, Erp46, protein disulfide isomerase A5, TXNDC5, ER60, protein disulfide isomerase A6, PDIA6, PDIL2, PDIL3A, PDIL4D, protein disulfide isomerase-8, PDI8, protein disulfide reductase/isomerase, PDIL1;1, protein disulfide isomerase 1, ERp5, PDI7, protein disulfide isomerase-11, PDI11, PDI-1a, PDI-M, PDI-A, PDIL5A, PDIL1Aalpha, PDIL1B


     5 Isomerases
         5.3 Intramolecular oxidoreductases
             5.3.4 Transposing S-S bonds
       protein disulfide-isomerase