guanylate cyclase

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3',5'-cyclic GMP


More, guanylyl cyclase, guanyl cyclase, STA, PGC, ANPRA, ANPRB, Atrial natriuretic peptide A-type receptor, Atrial natriuretic peptide B-type receptor, Guanylate cyclase, Guanylate cyclase 2D, retinal, Guanylate cyclase 2E, Guanylate cyclase 2F, retinal, Guanylate cyclase, olfactory, hSTAR, Intestinal guanylate cyclase, KSGC, Rod outer segment membrane guanylate cyclase, ROS-GC, ROS-GC2, STA receptor, soluble guanylyl cyclase, sGC, guanylyl cyclase C receptor, GCC, CNP-sensitive guanyly cyclase, membrane bound guanylyl cyclase, GC-B, guanylyl cyclase A, GCA, membrane bound guanylate cyclase, ROS-GC1, soluble guanylate cyclase, nitric oxid sensitive guanylyl cyclase, membrane-bound guanylate cyclase, membrane-bound GC, ratGC, NO receptor, ONE-GC, ONE-GC membrane guanylate cyclase, GC-D, mGc, membrane-bound guanylyl cyclase, NPR-B, NP-GC, CNP-sensitive guanylyl cyclase, NO-sGC, nitric-oxide-sensitive guanylyl cyclase, L1 H-NOX, L2 H-NOX, H-NOX, sGCbeta1, guanylate cyclase 1, guanylate cyclase 2, GC1, GC2, guanylyl cyclase-G, GC-G, receptor-type guanylyl cyclase, gcy-8, gcy-18, gcy-23, particulate guanylate cyclase, GC-A, guanylyl cyclase C, SONO, Gyc-88E, Gyc-89Da, Gyc-89Db, Gyca-99B, Gycb-100B, GCY-35, Tar4 protein, BR1-GC, brassinosteroid receptor 1, particulate guanylyl cyclase, soluble GC, particulate GC, nitric oxide-sensitive guanylate cyclase, NO-sensitive GC, natriuretic peptide-activated guanylate cyclase, NPR-A, guanylyl cyclase-D, guanylyl cyclase-C, GC-C, peptide hormone receptor guanylyl cyclase-C, receptor guanylyl cyclase, CsGC-YO1, membrane guanylyl cyclase receptor, guanylyl cyclase-A receptor, GC-A receptor, soluble guanylyl cyclases, NO-independent, heme-dependent soluble guanylate cyclase, NO receptor soluble guanylyl cyclase, NO-GC1, NO-GC2, rod outer segment membrane guanylate cyclase type 1, guanylate cyclase C, nitric oxide sensitive-guanylyl cyclase, sGC alpha2 inhibitory isoform, sGC alpha2 isoform, NO- and haem-independent soluble guanylate cyclase, NO- and haem-independent sGC, GTP-pyrophosphate lyase, rGC, NO-sensitive guanylyl cyclase, soluble guanylate cyclase alpha1, soluble guanylate cyclase alpha2, retGC, retinal guanylate cyclase, RET-GC1, retinal membrane guanylyl cyclase, retinal guanylyl cyclase, RetGC1, photoreceptor guanylyl cyclase, alpha1 soluble guanylyl cyclase, alpha1 sGC, NO-GC, guanylyl cyclase-A, atrial natriuretic factor receptor guanylate cyclase, ANF-RGC, membrane guanylate cyclase, sGCalpha2beta1, sGCalpha1, alpha1beta1 guanylyl cyclase, sGCbeta3, alpha1beta1 sGC, PepR1-GC, nitric oxide sensitive guanylyl cyclase, NOsGC, NO sensitive guanylyl cyclase, RetGC2, guanylate cyclase A, guanylate cyclase B, NOGC1, guanylyl cyclase B, PSK receptor, PSKR1, phytosulfokine receptor, GTP-pyrophosphate liase cyclizing, guanyl cyclase B, rhodopsin-guanylyl cyclase, CaRhGC, BERhGC, NPR A, NPR1, Pac3, Pac2, NPR2, atrial natriuretic peptide receptor 2


     4 Lyases
         4.6 Phosphorus-oxygen lyases
             4.6.1 Phosphorus-oxygen lyases (only sub-subclass identified to date)
       guanylate cyclase

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P-O bond cleavage