peroxisome-assembly ATPase

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Cdc48p, Pex1p, Pex6p, peroxisome assembly factor-2, AFG1, SEC18p, NSF, NSF-like ATPase, PAS1p, PAS1, VCP, TBP1, PAS8, PAF-2, PEX6, lon protease, lon, ATP-dependent lon protease, Pex1, lon2, Cdc48, peroxisome-assembly ATPase, AAA-ATPase, Pex6 AAA ATPase, Pex1p/Pex6p, Pex1/6 AAA+ complex, Pex1/Pex6 complex, Pex1p-Pex6p-complex, peroxisomal Pex1/Pex6 ATPase complex, Pex1p-Pex6p complex, peroxisomal Lon protease, Pln, HpPln, Mm-p, LONP2, Zm-p, Yl-p, Nc-p, AtLon2, LON protease 2, peroxisomal protease LON2, APEM10, peroxisomal Lon-protease, Pex1/Pex6, peroxisome-associated ATPase, ATPase associated with various cellular activities, AAA protein, peroxin ATPase complex, peroxisomal receptor export complex, AAA-complex, Pex1/6p-complex, peroxisomal AAA ATPase complex, AAA+-ATPase, peroxin, peroxisomal AAA complex, p97/VCP, valosin-containing protein, Pex1/6 type II AAA+ complex, PEX1/6, REM, AAA+-type II ATPase, ATPase associated with diverse cellular activities


     3 Hydrolases
         3.6 Acting on acid anhydrides
             3.6.4 Acting on acid anhydrides to facilitate cellular and subcellular movement
       peroxisome-assembly ATPase