inorganic diphosphatase

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= 2 phosphate


More, PPIase, ppase-1, pyrophosphatase, inorganic, inorganic pyrophosphatase, PPase, VSP, H+-PPase, Pyrophosphate phospho-hydrolase, Pyrophosphate phosphohydrolase, Pyrophosphate-energized inorganic pyrophosphatase, inorganic diphosphatase, VP1, IPP, IPPase, PPA, MazG, vacuolar H+-translocating inorganic pyrophosphatase, V-PPase, OVP1, PPase1, hyperthermophilic inorganic pyrophosphatase, Pho-PPase, vacuolar H(+)-pyrophosphatase, vacuolar pyrophosphatase, H+-translocating/vacuolar inorganic pyrophosphatase, pyrophosphatase, H+-pyrophosphatase, VVPP1, family I inorganic pyrophosphatase, family I PPase, soluble inorganic pyrophosphatase, sPPAse, PPase 1, soluble inorganic pyrophosphatase 2, PPase 2, pyrophosphate phospho-hydrolase 1, chloroplast inorganic pyrophosphatase 1, PPA1, vacuolar H+-pyrophosphatase, soluble pyrophosphatase, family II inorganic pyrophosphatase, manganese-dependent inorganic pyrophosphatase, PPase2, family II PPase, mitochondrial pyrophosphatase, PPase-2, cytosolic PPase, phospholysine phosphohistidine inorganic pyrophosphate phosphatase, LHPPase, E-PPase, CBS-PPase, PYP-1, phosphoprotein p26.1, p26.1a, p26.1b, Inorganic pyrophosphatases, siPPiase, PPase4, Ipp1p, proton-translocating inorganic pyrophosphatase, acid PPase, D1C enzyme, Rv3628, BT2127, AtPPsPase1, vacuolar H(+)-PPase, VHP, ST2226, EcPpA, PH1907, Mthe_0236, membrane-integral inorganic pyrophosphatase, miPPase, PpaC, M-PPase, membrane-integral pyrophosphatase, inorganic pyrophosphatase 1, Tm-PPase, TM0913, MdPPa, vacuolar H+-translocating pyrophosphatase, soluble-type yeast PPase, IPP1, ThPP1, inorganic pyrophosphorylase, Hpp1 protein, PfPPase, inorganic PPase, TgPPase, Mn2+-bound canonical Family II PPase, PPias, MtPPiase, cobalt-dependent inorganic pyrophosphatase, CPE2055, AT727_13205, ehPPase, nucleotide-regulated pyrophosphatase, dhPPase, EcPPiase, HvPPA, class A type PPA, HVO_0729, CBS-PPase1, inorganic pyrophosphatase-like protein, TcasGA2_TC004566, Tc-sPPase, TC004566, AtPPA1, MtPPA1, RmPPase, family I pyrophosphatase, Mtb PPiase


     3 Hydrolases
         3.6 Acting on acid anhydrides
             3.6.1 In phosphorus-containing anhydrides
       inorganic diphosphatase