proteasome endopeptidase complex

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cleavage of peptide bonds with very broad specificity =


ingensin, macropain, multicatalytic endopeptidase complex, prosome, 26S protease, large multicatalytic protease, multicatalytic protease, multicatalytic proteinase, proteasome, tricorn protease, tricorn proteinase, EC, 26S proteasome, 27 kDa prosomal protein, 30 kDa prosomal protein, Component Y8, GPRO-28, HsBPROS26, HSN3, Multicatalytic endopeptidase complex C7, p27K, PROS-27, PROS-30, PROS-Dm25, PROS-Dm28.1, PROS-Dm29, PROS-Dm35, Proteasome component C13, Proteasome component C2, Proteasome component C3, Proteasome component C5, Proteasome component C8, Proteasome component C9, Proteasome component DD4, Proteasome component DD5, Proteasome component pts1, RING12 protein, RN3, SCL1 suppressor protein, TAS-F22/FAFP98, TAS-G64, TCPR29, XC3, 20S proteasome, Pros26.4, beta1-PF1404, proteasome 19S, KIPase, PSMA5, 26S proteasome complex, 26 S proteasome, 20 S proteasome, proteasome 20S, multi-subunit protease complex, constitutive proteasome 20S, c20S, immunoproteasome 20S, i20S, 20S protease core, 20S CP, T20S, 206 proteasome, SFRICE_003436, Psma8, proteasome subunit alpha-type 7-like, Scl1


     3 Hydrolases
         3.4 Acting on peptide bonds (peptidases)
             3.4.25 Threonine endopeptidases
       proteasome endopeptidase complex