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Hydrolysis of proteins with broad specificity, and of Bz-Arg-OEt > Ac-Tyr-OEt. Does not hydrolyse peptide amides =


EC, Aspergillus alkaline proteinase, Aspergillopeptidase B, Proteinase, Aspergillus alkaline, API 21, Aspergillopepsin B, Aspergillopepsin F, Aspergillus candidus alkaline proteinase, Aspergillus flavus alkaline proteinase, Aspergillus melleus semi-alkaline proteinase, Aspergillus oryzae alkaline proteinase, Aspergillus parasiticus alkaline proteinase, Aspergillus serine proteinase, Kyorinase, Onoprose, Onoprose SA, P 5380, Promelase, Protease P, Proteinase, Aspergillus flavus alkaline, Proteinase, Aspergillus melleus alkaline, Proteinase, Aspergillus oryzae alkaline, Proteinase, Aspergillus parasiticus alkaline, Proteinase, Aspergillus soya alkaline, Proteinase, Aspergillus sulphureus alkaline, Proteinase, Aspergillus sydowi alkaline, Prozyme, Prozyme 10, Seaprose S, Sumizyme MP, Semi-alkaline protease, EC, elastase, ALP, Alkaline protease, Alkaline proteinase, Elastinolytic serine proteinase, AOP, Aspergillus oryzae protease, ALP1, AP15, AP30, PrtA, protease Alp1, PrtA protease, alkaline serine protease, neutral protease I, NpI, SapHM, Aspergillus terreus protease, collagenolytic serine peptidase


     3 Hydrolases
         3.4 Acting on peptide bonds (peptidases)
             3.4.21 Serine endopeptidases