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Hydrolysis of proteins with broad specificity for peptide bonds, and a preference for a large uncharged residue in P1. Hydrolyses peptide amides =


More, EC, EC, Alcalase, Alcalase 0.6L, Alcalase 2.5L, ALK-enzyme, Bacillopeptidase A, Bacillopeptidase B, Bacillus subtilis alkaline proteinase Bioprase, Bioprase AL 15, Bioprase APL 30, Colistinase, Esperase, Genenase I, Kazusase, Maxatase, Nagarse, Opticlean, Orientase 10B, Peptidase, subtilo-, A, Protease S, Protease VIII, Protease XXVII, Proteinase, Bacillus subtilis alkaline, Protin A 3L, Savinase, Savinase 16.0L, Savinase 32.0 L EX, Savinase 4.0T, Savinase 8.0L, SP 266, Subtilopeptidase, Subtilisin DY, Superase, Thermoase, Thermoase PC 10, Subtilisin amylosacchariticus, Subtilisin BL, Subtilisin E, Subtilisin GX, Subtilisin Sendai, Subtilisin S41, Subtilisn J, Proteinase K, Alkaline mesentericopeptidase, Alkaline protease, Subtilisin Novo, SAP, Ak.1 protease, subtilisin Carlsberg, subtilisin DJ-4, thermostable subtilisin, BPN', subtilisin S88, aqualysin, mesenteroicopeptidase, thermitase, savinaseTM, BLS, trans-cinnamoyl-subtilisin, SBL, subtilisin BPN’, ALP1, vPR, subtilisin Karlsberg, subtilisin 72, subtilisin C., Arp, subtilisin-like protease, subtilisin Sph, subtilisin Pr1-like protease, SBc, subtilisin-like serine protease, subtilisin, AcpII, subtilisin A, subtilisin QK, subtilisin JB1, SUB2, PSP-3, Sspa, SSU0757, subtilisin protease, psychrophilic subtilisin-like protease, thermophilic thermitase, Asp v 13, intracellular subtilisin protease, ISP, SISBT3 subtilase, SDD1 subtilase, ALE1 subtilase, S1P subtilase, C1 subtilase, P69 subtilase, SAS-1, saspase, phytophase, AprE51, Alzwiprase, BprV, BprB, SUB1, subtilisin-like protease AprV2, subtilisin S4I, Tk-subtilisin, AsES, senescence-associated subtilisin protease, SASP, Fe protease, ThSS45, Bacillus gibsonii alkaline protease, BgAP, alkaline serine protease, subtilase, thermo-active subtilisin-like serine protease, ORF2, subtilase-like protease, Fe prtS8A, V. cholerae-secreted serine protease, IvaP, VC_0157, aprE, subtilisin E-S7, SES7, cold active subtilisin-like serine proteinase, subC, AtSBT1.9, subtilase subfamily 1 member 9, subtilisin-like ookinete protein, SOPT, subtilisin-like ookinete protein important for transmission, PF3D7_0507300, PbSOPT, PIMMS2, PBANKA_1106900


     3 Hydrolases
         3.4 Acting on peptide bonds (peptidases)
             3.4.21 Serine endopeptidases