alpha-lytic endopeptidase

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preferential cleavage: Ala-/-, Val-/- in bacterial cell walls, elastin and other proteins =


alpha-lytic proteinase, alpha-lytic protease, Mycobacterium sorangium alpha-lytic proteinase, Myxobacter 495 alpha-lytic proteinase, proteinase, Myxobacter alpha-lytic, proteinase, Mycobacterium sorangium alpha-lytic, Myxobacter alpha-lytic proteinase, ALP, Alpha-lytic endopeptidase, alphaLP, protein L5, bacteriolytic protease L5


     3 Hydrolases
         3.4 Acting on peptide bonds (peptidases)
             3.4.21 Serine endopeptidases
       alpha-lytic endopeptidase