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myo-inositol hexakisphosphate
1D-myo-inositol 1,2,4,5,6-pentakisphosphate


More, phytase, phytate 6-phosphatase, 1-phytase, phytate 1-phosphatase, PAP, PhyH, MYO-inositol-hexaphosphate 3-phosphohydrolase, pH 2.5 optimum acid phosphatase, Phytate 3-phosphatase, alkaline phytase, purple acid phosphatase, PhyA2, MOK1 phytase, PhyK, 3-phytase, PhyC, AppA2 phytase, appA phytase, Natuphos, PhyA, 3-phytase A, PhyA phytase, AppA, Ronozyme P, histidine acid phosphatase, PhyB, Phy, myo-inositolhexakisphosphate phosphohydrolase, myo-inositol hexakisphosphate phosphohydrolase, HAP, myo-inositol hexakisphosphate 3-phosphohydrolase, beta-propeller phytase, Allzyme, pGP209 phytase, pGF11 phytase, myo-inositol hexaphosphate phosphohydrolase, myo-inositol hexakiphosphate phosphohydrolase, myo-inositol-hexaphosphate phosphohydrolase, Allzyme phytase, experimental phytase SP 1002, phytase A, tfphyA, Afp, phyL, 168phyA, 3'-phytase, microbial phytase, AtPAP15, AppA2, PAPhys, PAP type I, HAP phytase, cysteine phytase, ASR1, cell-bound phytase, PPHY, phytase C, protease-resistant phytase, alkaline beta-propeller phytase, PhyA115, acid phytase, RO2, RO1, histidine acid phytase, acidic histidine acid phosphatase, PhyH49, PhyB49, BPP, dual-domain BPP, PhyP, myo-inositol hexakis phosphohydrolase, PAPhy, LlALP1, neutral phytase, PhyCm, LlALP2, PAPhy_a1.1, St-Phy, agpP, ruminant microbial phytase, RPHY1, myo-inositol hexakisphosphate hydrolase, phyS, AppAS, HvPAPhy_a, YkAPPA, PJ3 phytase, myo-inositol-hexakisphosphate phosphohydrolase, BIFPSEUDO_03792, Blon_0263, appA_Gw, PhyTX52, Aspergillus niger N25 phytase, 3-phytase B, histidine acid phosphatase phytase, StPhy, PHY US573, MiPhyA, myo-inositol 1,2,3,4,5,6-hexakisphosphate phosphohydrolase, NLP_0515, HAP-phytase, phy168, YmPh, PSphy, PHY US42, YeAPPA, RMPhy1, MYCTH_2306203, AgpP phytase


     3 Hydrolases
         3.1 Acting on ester bonds
             3.1.3 Phosphoric-monoester hydrolases