assimilatory sulfite reductase (ferredoxin)

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hydrogen sulfide
+ 6 oxidized ferredoxin [iron-sulfur] cluster + 3 H2O =
+ 6 reduced ferredoxin [iron-sulfur] cluster + 6 H+


CMG021C, CmSiRB, coenzyme F420-dependent sulfite reductase, CYME_CMG021C, CYME_CMJ117C, DCP68, desulphoviridin, dissimilatory sulfite reductase, dSiR, Fd-SiR, ferredoxin and sulfite reductase, ferredoxin-dependent sulfite reductase, ferredoxin-sulfite reductase, ferredoxin:sulfite oxidoreductase, ferredoxin:sulfite reductase, Fsr, NirA, PsSiR, SIR, SiRA, SirB, siroheme- and [Fe4-S4]-dependent NirA, sulfite reductase, sulfite reductase B, ZmSiR


     1 Oxidoreductases
         1.8 Acting on a sulfur group of donors
             1.8.7 With an iron-sulfur protein as acceptor
       assimilatory sulfite reductase (ferredoxin)