hydroxylamine dehydrogenase

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Word Map on EC


+ 3 ferricytochrome c =
nitric oxide
+ 3 ferrocytochrome c + 3 H+


HAO, haoA, HCR, HOA, hydroxylamine cytochrome c554 oxidoreductase, hydroxylamine oxidase, hydroxylamine oxidoreductase, hydroxylamine-cytochrome c reductase, hydroxylamine:oxygen oxidoreductase, NeHAO, NoHAO


     1 Oxidoreductases
         1.7 Acting on other nitrogenous compounds as donors
             1.7.2 With a cytochrome as acceptor
       hydroxylamine dehydrogenase


Crystallization on EC - hydroxylamine dehydrogenase

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hanging drop vapor diffusion method, using 2.4 M ammonium sulfate, 50 mM Tris-HCL, at pH 8.0
microbatch-under-oil method, using 0.1 M potassium nitrate, 0.1 M MES pH 7.5 and 46% (v/v) PEG 400; using 0.1 M potassium nitrate, 0.1 M MES pH 7.5 and 46% (w/v) PEG 400
purified enzyme, 2 weeks
to 2.1 A resolution. Heme P460 contains two covalent cross-links between the porphyrin and a Tyr residue. When purified from source, an unknown physiological HAO binding partner NE1300 is present within the crystal. Protein NE1300 may play a structural role in the ternary complex with cytochrome c554, the physiological electron acceptor of the enzyme