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BRENDA support nitrite reductase (cytochrome; ammonia-forming)

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For detailed information about nitrite reductase (cytochrome; ammonia-forming), go to the full flat file.

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+ 2 H2O + 6 ferricytochrome c =
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+ 6 ferrocytochrome c + 7 H+


ammonia-forming cytochrome c nitrite reductase, ccNiR, CcuHao, CfHao, CmHao, cNiR, cytochrome c NiR, cytochrome c nitrite reductase, cytochrome c nitrite reductase complex, cytochrome c-552, epsilonHao, epsilonproteobacterial hydroxylamine oxidoreductase, Glov_1042, haoA, hexaheme c-type cytochrome, More, multihaem c NiR, multiheme cytochrome c nitrite reductase, multiheme nitrite reductase, NiR, NiR cytochrome c552, nirB, NirC, nitrite reductase, NpHao, NrfA, NrfA2NrfH complex, NrfHA, octahaem cytochrome c nitrite reductase, SCO2486, SCO2488, TvNiR, WS0969


     1 Oxidoreductases
         1.7 Acting on other nitrogenous compounds as donors
             1.7.2 With a cytochrome as acceptor
                EC nitrite reductase (cytochrome; ammonia-forming)