proline dehydrogenase

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a quinone
a quinol


bifunctional dye-linked L-proline/NADH dehydrogenase complex, dye-linked L-proline dehydrogenase, FAD-dependent L-proline oxidoreductase, JcProDH, L-proline dehydrogenase, L-proline:FAD oxidoreductase, PdhB, PDHbeta, PF1246, PF1798, PH1364, PH1751, PRODH, proDH-B1, proDH-B2, PRODH/POX, ProDH1, proline dehydrogenase, proline dehydrogenase 1, proline dehydrogenase/oxidase, proline oxidase, proline/P5C dehydrogenase, prub, PutA, PutA flavoprotein, PutA proline dehydrogenase, Tc00.1047053506411.30, TcPRODH, TK0117, TK0122, TPpdhbeta, TtProDH


     1 Oxidoreductases
         1.5 Acting on the CH-NH group of donors
             1.5.5 With a quinone or similar compound as acceptor
       proline dehydrogenase


Expression on EC - proline dehydrogenase

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isoform ProDH1 expression is dependent on salicylic acid (stimulation at 0.05-2.5 mM) and an increase in enzyme activity is detected in cells destined to die
L-proline treatment induces ProDH in planta. Induction of D-lactate dehydrogenase activity allows rapid upregulation of ProDH activity during the short-term stress response in plants. Transcriptional induction of the enzyme causes changes in expression levels of other mitochondrial enzymes
ProDH activity is high for genotypes in which ProDH, most likely ProDH1, is strongly induced by L-proline
proline and NaCl induce gene expression
salicylic acid has no effect on the isoform ProDH2 mRNA level, even at 2.5 mM
sucrose represses ProDH2 expression
TcPRODH mRNA and protein expression are strongly upregulated in the intracellular epimastigote, a stage which requires an external supply of proline
the expression of JcProDH increases in leaves experiencing environmental stress such as cold (5°C), heat (42°C), salt (300 mM), and drought (30% PEG 6000)