protein-lysine 6-oxidase

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elastin synthetase, LO, LOR2, LOX, LOX-like 2, LOX-like 3, LOX-like protein, LOX-PP, LOXL, LOXL-2, LOXL1, LOXL1 protein, Loxl2, LOXL2a, Loxl3, LOXL3-sv1, LOXL3a, LOXL3b, LOXL4, LOXL5a, LOXL5b, lysyl oxidase, lysyl oxidase 3, lysyl oxidase homolog 2, lysyl oxidase like 4, lysyl oxidase like-1, lysyl oxidase like-1 protein, lysyl oxidase propetide, lysyl oxidase-like, lysyl oxidase-like 1, lysyl oxidase-like 2, lysyl oxidase-like 2a, lysyl oxidase-like 2b, lysyl oxidase-like 3a, lysyl oxidase-like 3b, lysyl oxidase-like 4, lysyl oxidase-like 5a, lysyl oxidase-like 5b, lysyl oxidase-like protein, lysyl oxidase-like1 protein, lysyl oxidases, More, oxidase-like protein 1, PPLO, protein-6-oxidase, protein-L-lysine:oxygen 6-oxidoreductase, protein-lysine 6-oxidase, RAS excision protein, rDmLOXL-1, WS9-14


     1 Oxidoreductases
         1.4 Acting on the CH-NH2 group of donors
             1.4.3 With oxygen as acceptor
       protein-lysine 6-oxidase

Systematic Name

Systematic Name on EC - protein-lysine 6-oxidase

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IUBMB Comments
protein-L-lysine:oxygen 6-oxidoreductase (deaminating)
Also acts on protein 5-hydroxylysine. This enzyme catalyses the final known enzymic step required for collagen and elastin cross-linking in the biosynthesis of normal mature extracellular matrices [4]. These reactions play an important role for the development, elasticity and extensibility of connective tissue. The enzyme is also active on free amines, such as cadaverine or benzylamine [4,5]. Some isoforms can also use [protein]-N(6)-acetyl-L-lysine as substrate deacetamidating the substrate [6].