aldehyde ferredoxin oxidoreductase

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an aldehyde
+ 2 oxidized ferredoxin =
a carboxylate
+ 2 H+ + 2 reduced ferredoxin


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     1 Oxidoreductases
         1.2 Acting on the aldehyde or oxo group of donors
             1.2.7 With an iron-sulfur protein as acceptor
       aldehyde ferredoxin oxidoreductase


Crystallization on EC - aldehyde ferredoxin oxidoreductase

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crystallization of the 3 different cofactor model complexes: 1. [Et4N]2[WVIO(1,2-dicyanoethylenedithiolate)2], 2. [Et4N]2[WIVO(1,2-dicyanoethylenedithiolate)2], and 3. [Et4N]2[WVIO(S2)(1,2-dicyanoethylenedithiolate)2], X-ray structure determination and analysis
formaldehyde ferredoxin oxidoreductase, purified enzyme, modified melting-point capillary method, room temperature under argon atmosphere, protein solution: 55-65 mg/ml, 50 mM Tris-HCl, pH 8.0, 2 mM dithionite, 2 mM DTT, 0.2 M KCl, precipitant solution: 30% v/v glycerol, 20% w/v PEG 4000, 0.1 M sodium citrate, pH 5.6, 0.2 M NaCl, several weeks, X-ray structure determination and analysis
X-ray crystal structure determination and analysis