alkane 1-monooxygenase

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reduced rubredoxin
+ 2 H+ =
oxidized rubredoxin


More, alkane 1-hydrolase, omega-hydrolase, fatty acid omega-hydrolase, alkane monooxygenase, 1-hydroxylase, alkane hydroxylase, CYP4AII, CYPIVA1, CYPIVA11, CYPIVA2, CYPIVA3, CYPIVA5, CYPIVA6, CYPIVA7, Fatty acid omega-hydroxylase, Lauric acid omega-hydroxylase, P-450 HK omega, P450-HL-omega, P452, CYP4A11, alkane omega-hydroxylase, Gpo1, CYP4A, cytochrome P-450 omega-hydroxylase, CYP omega-hydroxylase, CYP153A, cytochrome P450 alkane hydroxylase, butane monooxygenase, BMO, alkane mono-oxygenase, AlkB, FA omega-hydroxylase, cytochrome P450-dependent fatty acid omega-hydroxylase, CYP94A1, propane monooxygenase, methane monooxygenase, hexane hydroxylase, cytochrome P450 omega hydroxylase, CYP omega hydroxylase, male-specific fatty acid omega-hydroxylase, SXE1, sex-specific enzyme 1, CYP4d21, CYP450 omega-hydroxylase, omega-hydroxylase, CYP450 4A omega-hydroxylase, CYP86A1, CYP86B1, very long chain fatty acid hydroxylase, CYP4 P450, CYPA11 P450, CYP4A10, CYP4A14, omega hydroxylase, diiron omega-hydroxylase, AlkB1, AlkB2, CYP153 homologue, AlmA-like alkane hydroxylase, AlmA, AlkW1, AlkW2, medium-chain alkane hydroxylase, Rieske-type alkane monooxygenase, Prm1ABCD, Prm2ABCD, Cyp153, MAH1-1, MAH1-2, alkane-1-monooxygenase 2, alkane-1-monooxygenase 1, UAM-Ps1, CYP153D17


     1 Oxidoreductases
         1.14 Acting on paired donors, with incorporation or reduction of molecular oxygen
             1.14.15 With reduced iron-sulfur protein as one donor, and incorporation of one atom of oxygen into the other donor
       alkane 1-monooxygenase