ferredoxin hydrogenase

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+ 2 oxidized ferredoxin = 2 reduced ferredoxin + 2 H+


bidirectional hydrogenase, C-MBH, CpI, DDH, EC, EC, EC, EC, EC, Ech hydrogenase, EHb, EhbM, EhbN, energy-conserving hydrogenase B, Fe hydrogenlyase, Fe-Fe hydrogenase, Fe-H2ase, Fe-hydrogenase, ferredoxin-dependent [FeFe] hydrogenase, ferredoxin-dependent [FeFe]-hydrogenase, H2 oxidizing hydrogenase, H2 producing hydrogenase [ambiguous], HYD1, HYD2, hydA, HydA1, HydA2, hydrogen-lyase [ambiguous], hydrogenase (ferredoxin), hydrogenase I, hydrogenase II, hydrogenase of the Fe-only type, hydrogenlyase, hydrogenlyase [ambiguous], Mbh, MbhJ, MbhJKLN, MbhK, MbhL, MDH, membrane bound NiFe hydrogenase, membrane-bound hydrogenase, NiFe hydrogenase, reversible Fe-hydrogenase, uptake hydrogenase [ambiguous], [FeFe] hydrogenase, [FeFe]-hydrogenase, [Fe]-hydrogenase, [Ni-Fe] hydrogenase, [NiFeSe] Hase, [NiFeSe] hydrogenase


     1 Oxidoreductases
         1.12 Acting on hydrogen as donor
             1.12.7 With an iron-sulfur protein as acceptor
       ferredoxin hydrogenase

General Stability

General Stability on EC - ferredoxin hydrogenase

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after treatment with 4 mM urea, 100% activity after several hours
chelating agents protect against oxygen inactivation, 0.5 M EDTA allows 41% activity after 3 d in aqueous solution exposed to air
in aqueous solutions at pH 8.0, under argon, nitrogen or hydrogen atmosphere, stable for many hours