dye decolorizing peroxidase

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Reactive Blue 5
+ 2 H2O2 =
2,2'-disulfonyl azobenzene
+ 2 H2O


AnaPX, dye-decolorizing peroxidase, DyP, DyP I, DyP II, DyP-I, DyP-type peroxidase, DyP1, DyP2, DyP3, EfeB, LiP BA45, LiP-SN, manganese-independent peroxidase I, manganese-independent peroxidase II, TT1485, tyrA, YcdB, YfeX, YwbN


     1 Oxidoreductases
         1.11 Acting on a peroxide as acceptor
             1.11.1 Peroxidases
       dye decolorizing peroxidase


Expression on EC - dye decolorizing peroxidase

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biofilm formation is not essential for DyP activity
complete inhibition of DyP activity by molasses molasses (containing approximately 33% sucrose (w/w), 6.5% glucose (w/w), 7.5% fructose (w/w) and 0.57 g/kg nitrogen) is observed at the concentration of 20 g /l
dye decolorizing peroxidase activity is 233fold higher in air-membrane surface bioreactor culture than in submerged culture
high-level recombinant DyP activity in limitation of carbon and nitrogen sources is maintained stably for 26 cycles of repeated 1-day batches of Aspergillus oryzae pellets without any additional pH control
molasses (containing approximately 33% sucrose (w/w), 6.5% glucose (w/w), 7.5% fructose (w/w) and 0.57 g/kg nitrogen) at concentrations greater than 10 g/l increase the decolorization activity of the culture broth toward Reactive Blue 5 mainly because the amount of enzyme produced is enhanced. When the culture broth is diluted 25times, the dye-decolorizing activity is 7times as much as that of non-diluted culture broth
similar average recombinant DyP productivities are observed in repeated-batch cultures using wheat bran powder and rice bran powder. Average recombinant DyP productivities in fed-batch cultures are slightly lower than those in repeated-batch cultures. The recombinant DyP production is affected by the addition of K2HPO4 in the repeated-batch and fed-batch cultures using wheat bran powder. Increase in phosphate does not enhance recombinant DyP production, rather rDyP activity decreases by the repeated-batch culture