D-xylulose reductase

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2,3-cis-polyol(DPN) dehydrogenase (C3-5), D-xylulose reductase A, erythritol dehydrogenase, GmXDH, NAD+-dependent XDH, NAD+-dependent xylitol dehydrogenase, NAD+-linked xylitol dehydrogenase, NAD-dependent xylitol dehydrogenase, pentitol-DPN dehydrogenase, PsXDH, reductase, D-xylulose, RpXDH, slSDH, XDH, XDH-Y25, xdhA, XL2, XYL2, xylitol dehydrogenase, xylitol-2-dehydrogenase


     1 Oxidoreductases
         1.1 Acting on the CH-OH group of donors
             1.1.1 With NAD+ or NADP+ as acceptor
       D-xylulose reductase


Purification on EC - D-xylulose reductase

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ammonium sulfate fractionation, DEAE Toyopearl chromatography, phenyl Toyopearl chromatography, Mono Q chromatography, Superdex 200 gel filtration, and Reactive Red column chromatography
DEAEToyopearl 650 M column chromatography, butyl-Toyopearl 650 M column chromatography, MonoQ column chromatography, and Superdex 200 gel filtration; native enzyme by ammonium sulfate fractionation, anion exchange chromatography, hydrophobic interation chromatography, and another different step of anion exchange chromatography, followed by gel filtration. Recombinant His-tagged enzyme from Escherichia coli strain BL21(DE3) by nickel affinity and anion exchange chromatography
native enzyme 469fold from sstrain NH-10 by ammonium sulfate fractionation, two different steps of anion exchange chromatography, and gel filtration
native enzyme from Rhizomucor pusillus strain NBRC 4578 by anion exchange chromatography, ammonium sulfate fractionation, and hydrophobic interaction chromatography, followed by ultrafiltration, and a another different step of anion exchange chromatography, ultrafiltration, and gel filtration. Next purification steps are Reactive Red 120 affinity chromatography, dialysis, and ultrafiltration. Recombinant wild-type and mutant enzymes from Escherichia coli strain BL21(DE3) by nickel affinity chromatography
Ni-NTA column chromatography and Sephacryl S-300 gel filtration
optimized extraction by cetyl trimethyl ammonium bromide reversed micelles
recombinant enzmye
recombinant enzyme
recombinant His6-tagged enzyme from Escherichia coli strain BL21 by nickel affinity chromatography and gel filtration
using affinity chromatography and preparative gel filtration
using Ni-NTA chromatography