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Migration finished - January 19, 2024
With the start of 2024, we have completed the migration to the DSMZ.

All BRENDA services are now running on a new IT infrastructure and we can once again focus on the further development of BRENDA and the delivery of updates. 2024 will be an exciting year for BRENDA and DSMZ Digital Diversity.

Stay tuned for future developments!
Database migration - September 27, 2023
We have migrated some of our central management database to new servers.

We used the opportunity to clean up our user database. We have removed all users with unverified emails older than 2 weeks from now.

If your account has been deleted by accident, please register again. If there are any other problems, please contact the BRENDA support!

Latest BRENDA release

Release 2023.1 - February 1, 2023
Including new and updated enzyme classes.