xyloglucan 6-xylosyltransferase

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Transfers an alpha-D-xylosyl residue from UDP-D-xylose to a glucose residue in xyloglucan, forming an alpha-(1->6)-D-xylosyl-D-glucose linkage =


At1g74380, EC2.4.1.169, XXT1, XXT2, XXT4, XXT5, xyloglucan 6-alpha-D-xylosyltransferase, xyloglucan alpha-1,6-xylosyltransferase, xyloglucan xylosyltransferase1, xylosyltransferase, uridine diphosphoxylose-xyloglucan 6alpha-


     2 Transferases
         2.4 Glycosyltransferases
             2.4.2 Pentosyltransferases
       xyloglucan 6-xylosyltransferase