2.3.2.B12: ubiquitin transferase U-box E4

This is an abbreviated version, for detailed information about ubiquitin transferase U-box E4, go to the full flat file.


S-ubiquitinyl-[U-box-E4-ubiquitin-carrier protein]-L-cysteine
N6-ubiquitinyl-[acceptor protein]-L-lysine
[U-box-E4-ubiquitin-carrier protein]-L-cysteine
N6-(N6-ubiquitinyl-L-lysyl)-ubiquitinyl-[acceptor protein]-L-lysine


CHIP, CYC4, E4, E4 factor, E4 ligase, E4 ubiquitin ligase, E4 ubiquitin-protein ligase UFD2, MUSE3, PRP19, Ub-conjugating E4 factor, ubiquitin chain elongation enzyme Ufd2, ubiquitin conjugation factor E4, ubiquitin fusion degradation protein 2, Ubr1-dependent E4 enzyme, Ufd2, Ufd2a, Ufd2b, Ufd4, Ufd4-enhancing ubiquitiylation enzyme


     2 Transferases
         2.3 Acyltransferases
             2.3.2 Aminoacyltransferases
                2.3.2.B12 ubiquitin transferase U-box E4